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Regardless if you're looking for a traditional western, like James Mckay, US Army Scout, or a mountain man book, W.R. Benton and Grady Clark have it here for you. Many books are planned for the near future, with The Widow Nancy Buck, The Bloody Mason-Dixion Line, the complete Plains and Drum Series and many other single books.

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A large number of readers have contacted W.R. Benton asking for autographed photos or something to place alongside they books they've purchased from Amazon. Keep in mind, all books ordered from W.R. Benton's site can be autographed for you, but the book must be purchased there. However, if you'll send an email to us we'll send you information on how you can get a free photo of W.R. Benton.


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W.R. Benton and Grady Clark have books they've written years ago that have never been published! Both, are well respected among other western fiction writers and they are best sellers on Amazon. While much of their writing is western fiction, W.R. Benton has also authored two nonfiction survival books, a young adult book and even a book on Southern Humor. He is currently working on a book titled, "The Bloody Mason-Dixion Line," which is sure to be an excellent read, if you're a lover of Civil War books. His next book to be released with be "Missouri in Flames, I Rode with Jesse James," due out by the end of July 2013.

Grady only recently turned to writing at the urge of W.R. Benton and the team's first book, "Nate Grisham, Black Mountain Man," was listed on the Amazon Best Sellers List within 3 days!

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Within 3 days of it's release, "Nate Grisham, Black Mountain Man," was listed on the Amazon Best Sellers List under African American/Historical.


The book "Alive and Alone" was relased and immediately became of favorite of W.R. Benton fans as it shot to the top of the young adult best sellers listing..


"War Paint is a blood-thirsty brutal book. It is an uniquely American part of darkness tale. It will disappoint those who seek the triumph of good over evil. Outstanding."

"As a (Senior) Master Sergeant in the US military, W. R. Benton became a man of action and lived the "code of the west," which is very well reflected in his westerns and especially in his newest, WAR PAINT, an action-packed story of love, struggle, betrayal, and revenge set in the wilderness of the Old West. It is a must read for anybody who loves westerns. You will not be able to put the book down."

"My grandfather was a rancher in Colorado, where I grew up and one of last of the rugged men who were responsible for taming the wild west. He liked Louis L' Amour. He would have loved WR Benton."