About W.R. Benton


More info about Author WR Benton, a pen name for Gary Benton.
Gary was born on a farm owned by his grandparents and spent most of his childhood within a half mile of the place. Grandma was a midwife and delivered him in a spare bedroom one hot day near the middle of August.

After graduating from high school, Gary enlisted in the United States Air Force and went on to serve a 26 year career. Following retirement from the military and a divorce, he turned to writing. Since some of his favorite books were westerns, he naturally turned to telling tall tales in that genre.

He's gone on to become a best selling ebook author on Amazon and his nonfiction book, "Simple Survival" a Family Ourdoors Guide" is a Silver Medal Award winner the MWSA.

His Writing Style


Action, excitement and twisting plots!
While historical accuracy is important, WR Benton is more concerned about entertaining the reader and not producing a dull book filled with historical facts. He often educates his readers by having the main character learning something new as well. Keeping his work within the norms of history, he then fills his books with action that is sure to keep you turning pages.

Latest News


Within 3 days of it's release, "Nate Grisham, Black Mountain Man," was listed on the Amazon Best Sellers List under African American/Historical Genre.


The book "Alive and Alone" was released and immediately became of favorite of W.R. Benton fans as it shot to the top of the young adult best sellers listing.