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Be sure to read the excerpt of War Paint, soon to be a motion picture. WR Benton is proud to announce a movie contract has been approved and signed by both parties, for his book "War Paint." The movie is currently in the pre-production stage with MVP3, Talent Management for Tennessee, New York, Illinois, and California. You can learn more by visiting http://www.jndfilms.com/JND-Films/ and War Paint is the last project on the page at the bottom, with a filming budget of $5 million. Mr. Benton will co-write the screenplay as well.

"War Paint is a blood-thirsty brutal book. It is an uniquely American part of darkness tale. It will disappoint those who seek the triumph of good over evil. Outstanding."

-James Drury, "The Virginian"

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Missouri in Flames Released
Riding with Quantrill under the 'black Flag' confederate Jim Light leaves the partisans to try a life of peace. When his best friend is murdered by Yankees, he turns cold and barnyard dog mean.
James Mckay Released
A traditional western of an Army scout looking for gunrunners. Find them he must, if he hopes to avoid war with the Sioux.
Red Runs the Plain Released
Jarel Wade is the lone survivor after Oto Indians attack the family cabin and he is discovered by two old mountain men. None know death is near. Over eight weeks on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling Westerns Listing
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